Caesar Is Home

by royceBIRTH

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This is royceBIRTH's second album. In contrast to his soulful debut "The Rebirth", Royce sets an aggressive tone on "Caesar Is Home". On the record, you will hear a variety of influences, such as the Rick Rubin/Beastie Boys sound (John Carlos), to the breakbeat inspired "#1 Soul Brother". Overall, every track is different in sound, yet unified by the idea of "Building Your Own Planet".

"This is royceBIRTH in peak form. His lyrics are a fine mix of braggadocio and introspection and reveal his obvious love of music, but a lot of Caesar Is Home is dripping with discontent and rebellion." - Exclaim Magazine (*9/10)

"Caesar Is Home is an extremely versatile project that displays an array of sub-hip hop genres. royceBirth has an abundance of potential, so be sure to remember his name for future reference." - The Under-Cover Album Review

"royce is content to let both his beats AND his rhymes speak for themselves. It's that confidence plus his ability to punch up hard hitting drums that make tracks like "Believe" a winner..." - Steve 'Flash' Juon ( - 7/10


released November 21, 2014

Mastered by royceBIRTH for Box Project Records

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Executive Producer: royceBIRTH
Box Project Records. 2011-2014



all rights reserved


royceBIRTH Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Hail Caesar (The King Must Die!)
I’m not recording out my feelings
Rather counting off the cracks of the ceiling that I’m seeing
‘fore I bring the house down with the fuel,
And the fire,
As I’m looking at the dark
Don’t respect me for my mind,
You gon get it from the heart.*
Been sleeping too long,
Many years in a slumber in the belly of the beast
Now you’re dealing with a monster.
Thoughts of living,
Went from compositions spitted
Now I no longer write it,
Cause it’s already written.
In the form of a vision
And I turned to intuition
Not concerned about who’s in power
Or position.
I’m here to kill the king
Better yet, burn the kingdom
If you got a light – bring one,
We don’t give a damn**

Let the king die
Let the king die die
Let the king die
Let the king die
45 on my mind, and the gun is off safety
About to let off, with no direction

Back at it, I lock it down
Standing up against a mountain, chop it down.
With the weight of the world on my shoulders
Break my arm for the cause, Aron Ralston under boulders*
I change the current tide of the waters,
Soldier through this war I’m fighting like a venomous cobra
hold up,
world full of cosa nostras
when the money coming,
when it’s done, they fold up.**
that’s why I’m changing opposition
Rearranging how I think
Go derange, to make em listen.
Ain’t it strange?
How a man gotta lose his self?
Go outta frame, just to gain a picture of some wealth?***
I don’t think I will, but I might as well
But then again I won’t,
so what I learned is expelled/ from a school of old rules,
ignoring what they told you
illustrating words, and chopping up something soulful/
let it hold you,
even better – holy ghost you
food you can digest, ‘instead of junk that goes through
I’m not here,
To claim a king up on a throne
Rather build it on my own
say peace, then I’m gone,

Back at it, goddamn it
Kick out the jams
Damn, lemme take a stab at it..
Automatic, all havoc
Alright, ok,
time for some black magic
As I’m bout to take stage


all rise
All eyes look when the son’s bout to set
Devise behind doors
Overdosin over quotas of Rakim’s “Ain’t No Joke”
laughing matter?
No, brova*
take it serious,
if the various message of today will carry us to the future
or bury us.
Let the action speak louder
That’ll reach the peak of towers
That’ll make the elders prouder**
In the hour of chaos
Never will I trade off my soul
Look at what they made us, to make a pay-off
I could take a day off,
destiny for later,
why aim to be good?
when my sight’s to be greater
height of skyscrapers
take flight like aviators
broke the wings off,
Stating I ain’t here to play it safer
Fuck the powers that be
You can’t tame this,
If there’s a hell below
Then best believe I raised it
stakes are higher
pen to pad, never on the tab
trying to keep the bar raised
lifting pass the weight mass
just to keep it heavy
done brought a wrecking ball
On my quincy jones
Make a thriller
Straight up Off The Wall…

Track Name: Welcome Home
We Didn’t Come To Lose

We didn’t come here to lose..say it with me yall
(We didn’t come here to lose)

And it goes…

In a time to act, I broke the fourth wall
Yelling at the top of my lungs
system is about to fall.
Skip the basic, I’ve erased it
And replaced it with an over proof
Straight without a chaser*
As my Uzi weighs a ton
I just let my mind spray
No need for a gun
If you want a quick fix, you won’t find it from me
Some in it for a minute, but forever I be.**
This ain’t a sit in
It’s a get in – in where you fit in
Make ya wanna stomp
No need for petition.
The music’s real, from the hood to the stadiums
I know it, cause it rarely spells regular rotation***
And make the heart skip a beat,
Break the arm of any DJ, who dare not play it forewarned.
critics gon’ speak, and the critics gon’ breach
but it’s not my concern, cause it’s not within their reach.

Shoulda known that I was comin in
Do it to em once, then we do it to em once again
Runnin in,
Funky drummer about to hit the drum again
Punching out, punching in
On it once again...

it ain’t for you, and it ain’t for them
numb it up, dumb it down
rinse, repeat again
I ain’t no puppet on a string
waiting on a budget
no mic, I’ll grab the earbuds
and spit to get it public.*
Still taking rap for a joke?
Well, here’s an anecdote
By pumping what they need to hear now
and keep the richer broke.
I remember when the music made em scared
Now I’ll give em more reason
To start reading out their prayers**
poppa raised a bad man
And you don’t wanna start nothing in my school
Before I bring out the Joe Clark
in a club, full of nouveaus posing for their hits
Watch me burn their money down
Just to show you own none of it.***
break the padlock to the safe shit
not that po-lice state shit
that “tell you what to say” shit
it’s that rumble in the jungle
bumaye to fakeness
button on the detonator
time to activate this…
Track Name: We Don't Care
We don’t care,
Middle fingers all up in the air or something
I like the way it’s goin down
I hope that you prepared for this
When I say,
Lets get down.

When I open the door
Kick back with the impact, ready for war.
Never have to settle down, bring it up some notches
It’s like a mosh pit in my conscience.*
Set it off.
Let it off like rockets
aiming at the weak, and what you call nonsense.
I think it hear it knocking
Not in ya top 10
About to shake it down, and there is no option.**
They said to keep it clean, But I threw on the dirt
With the shovel, no hearse when I’m putting in work
So the customer knows when they hear it in verse
I don’t have to place a price tag to know of my worth.***
You’re now in tune to the brilliant, rebellious
Out of this world alien, foreign to the failing
Ain’t no smooth sailing, train been derailed
What you ain’t felt before,
Hit em on the tail end.

Yeh, we don’t care,
Just here to bring the ruckus
one foot pass the door, the other kicks the bucket
Another one bites the dust, when I run it
Yall done had your turn, now shut it.*
I used to sit around, and waste up my time doing nothing
But complain, and wait for my shine
With the lights off, no food up in the fridge
Had to get up off my ass, to cross that bridge**
Or burn it at least,
I cut the fat,
Grease up the frying pan with butter on the track
Heat when I incinerate funk with a stink
Just let my soul glo (drip)
Call it Darryl Jenks.***
I’m never on the so-so, hit cha with the bolo punch
So fast, it’s Andretti on the mo-mo
Catch it on a photo,
go-go? no dance solo
Ease up?
I say no-no
Track Name: Agitation

Somethin’s goin on
That’s got me feelin this way
Something’s goin on
It’s got me goin insane.

2 dollars in my pockets, broke becomes the trouble man
The song up on my radio, don’t wanna hear the struggling
Government cheese bubbling, stove top on the oven
And once again I’m trying to make the ends meet coupling*
Instead, I’m recovering from the wounds of puzzling/ prices rising
Hit the roof, as my wages cutting.
When i need a voice of reason, ‘stead standin no chance
and the radio goes, “we just wanna make you dance”**
(we just wanna make you dance, we just wanna make you dance, we just wanna make you dance, we just wanna make you dance)
I’m feeling agitated, compass with no direction
No rubberband man, but elastic keep stretching
Voice becomes a weapon, choices turning slim
So heavy on my mind, where’s the levy to unhinge?*
Unlocked and loaded, blasting in the open
Lost inside a promised land, found to be broken
Hell or high water, with the current of the tide
I know I ain’t singin, but I’ll do it through the rhymes.**
Fallen on hard times, hard to find a job
Everyday I ask if my dignity is robbed
American dream, most stolen to inception
And when we wake up, we believe the deception
Like “is the top still spinning?”
Am I winning in the end?
Is where I plan my beginning.
Broke when I wrote it, so you know it’s living proof frustrated
Tell me,
What the hell I’mma do?
Track Name: John Carlos
John Carlos

Now what you hear is not a test (and)
We’re here to bring the best, and never no less (and)
If you feel it now,
Then give it no rest (and)
Throw ya fists up in the place
John Carlos.

Black hooded up, with the brim on low
I’m the king to my castle, is the kid a rook? (No)
Stay professional, and the brother stay wise
68 john carlos, fist in the sky
Let the bass hit ya face, as I take it up a level
Word to my brother sean, make mountains outta pebbles
Cause the fake gon’ clear, and the fizz gon’ settle
And the real will appear, once I kick it on the treble*
…reload and bring it hard, supercharged
Dolo by my own, known to drill a squad
Kill at large.
Rock to my own drum still, as I fill the bars
Now ya gone feel that rhythm, plus it got “the barge”
I ain’t gone wish or wait, no delay in em
Bane with the bomb out, detonating a stadium
Elvis was a hero to most, but we deaded that
P-E, fightin the power, in my ready stance…


It’s concrete, when I hit the ground
While you start the show, I come in – shut it down
Even on vaca' (tion), I don’t play around
Slam dunk, breakin the glass – game over now
Stay sharp, and never rusted blades
Throw the sun at, any other who throw shade
Ain’t no throwback, what’s past, still go today
I ain’t the preacherman, but the choir gon’ sing away
Take it from the intro, synchronize my time
With fine wine, see I never age
Cause I blind like limelight glaring in your face
Police in the place, got their hands raised
Sound loud, shake it down
So bad, we aching now
We don’t salute no flag, son we take em down
We came here to riot
no beef, no bias
a million in the spot, and they all wanna try us.
Track Name: The Shining (ft. Relic)
Reflection so deep that it broke the mirror
In a court playing trial to those making error
Words 'vile', I might prescribe it overcounter measure
Before i pray, I prey on those as my daily breakfast
Readers digest it, worth the time vested
When i'm on strike, opposition can't protest it
Just rely on your necklace as common sentence
But you'll never shine to those with common senses
I'll paragraph what you can't separate in metrics
My name hold weight, rarely speak empty threats
Some call it trill, you might say the flyest
But where i'm from, we call that shit an uprising
Judge wise, but never play the fool
Just wanna be the greatest using these given tools
So when the music stops
It goes beyond bias
Fuck the norm, the format i seek is highest
What i project is complex like public housing
to motivate the young, to those known to bubble ounces
When i double up, I'll make it seem like a triple
Even a little turn the tide, make effects ripple
It's the new rebellion, the truth up in the building
on the corners illin, we're overdue prevailing
I'll let the music talk, top roof the ceiling
It takes more than just skills to reach top billin.

Let it shine, let it shine
In due time, make the world mine with the rhyme

What i document eerie, you won't find in a series
classified legendary and never as secondary
you wanna try? Dare me
Testify? I will jury
Say goodbye to the bull cause that shit i will bury.
When i zone out, speakerphones get blown out
Rage against the machine that seemed to go the drone route
I throw stones and cast em at clones
doubt it'll last a year, a clout
I sat sedated, meditated, building my mental
display a worth of a temple using my pencil
the best scribes are the ones that goes beyond lives
civilize times, revitalize the soul and mind
I'm not trying to be Big or Pac
Be infinite from the minute that the music drops
and live with respect, earned from a view of lots
far from hollywood,
but still yo, i got the props.
Now connect the dots, turn around the tables
stand for the truth, walk if they're telling fables.
Still major, no matter how they want us labelled
parallel from the way that they want to shape you
Every line of mine got dubbed fresh
and rock many layers, don't matter the subtext
i leave the spot blazed from the mic i'm embracing
and plan to leave with standing ovation
I'm sayin...
Track Name: Masterclass
Peep the resurrection...
god gave me a blessin, momma gave me the essence
and i gave ya the message.
hard to tame the lessons that's engraved with a weapon
that i call words,
creating the lane, and i'm wreckless.
it ain't what you expected,
shame that you neglected the mvp of the game
who sat by the benches.
i could feel the the tension - the devil with the reverend,
to revered in my class, surpassing the question.
For the blue collar, leaders that never follow
from the same vein that bleed the likes of Bambatta.
Hear me if you holler
Never for souls hollow
You wanna take it back?
While i had it in my arm hold since a day old,
carry the weight load of what the game made
in exchange made the game fold
See, what the fame knows, it made the game cold
holding magazines, not a game pro
they know!


Straight from a city, I rise above love, fear, hatred
things i despise.
Allure to the fakeness - yellow #5
I'm sure they don't hear it, but still i gotta try.
The devil keep winnin, but i won't compromise
Instead alleviate, deviate from the lies
Appreciate the living, represent those who died
We pour the liquor out before we conquer and divide.
Defined so divine, crush the grapes for the wine
It tastes so vivid when we couldn't get a dime
Good things take time
But when it's unstable, "By all means, just to get food on the table", becomes life label.
As i frame it on the picture,
I manifest a blueprint for those who wanna give up
Get up, to this rebel music on supreme
For all my revolutionary people here's the theme.
Track Name: Believe
I don’t belong in any box, unless it got a button to rewind
And let my tape rock
Put my life on the beat, and hear the pulse
Shake the world off a line that would put em at fault*
For underrating, I’m over underestimating
To the top of the world, is where I plan to take em
I think sharper like ink markers, instinct archers
Staying on minds in time like shrink doctors**
I hear doubts, and those who say they wish me well
Only to find through the lies, they wanna see me fail
Flipping the script by writing something unstoppable
All that I got left, dreaming for the impossible.
When the gun drawn, know I’mma stick to it
Put it in the air,
Make the sky lift through it.
make you nod your head
Something you can live to it
Bigger than myself
Nah, this is ‘her and his’ music.

It’s that back to the basic iller
Never that filler
Swiftly, shadowbox with god
Rocky balboa – mickey
Never shuck or no jiving
On arrival at Apollo
My creed is one punch for the win, Ivan Drago*
I go straight for the heart,
Known to reach many souls, it’s just ease with the mind
Dead for whom the bell tolls
in my shelltoes, I’m getting appraised
for the way I master jams, while rockin a ‘J’.**
lighting up joints, you better pass
in a round, you’ll never last like smoke that burn to ash
what’s heard, get turned to trash
not dope, it’s rehashed flavours on a table
and expire next day, not deserving of a label
that’s why I keep it preserved with ink of my pen
illustrated with the greatness of statues
I lend, something so def, you gotta read to comprehend it
That I own,
fully paid from many dues - never rented.

I dedicate it to those who live do or die
Forever up on their toes, doing them suicides
6 o’clock in the morn,
Forming a moving grind
Pursuing loot,
as their boot hitting a newer stride.*
I know the vibe,
When the side of the game is cold shoulders
Need a pat on the back
Instead it’s walls,
No love.
As I’m building by bricks to make a stack
and killing the field in front of me,
without looking back.**
on my king kong stance, about to shake it down
yall stand no chance, for what I’m about to do
throw ya hands up,
up, when I speak
as I occupy the world
and I take it to the streets.***
from the boulevard and aves
where I’m known to bring the funk
straight heat, volcano peaks
plus it got a thump
you ain’t even gotta worry, when the noise kicks a feedback
you want it now? I got it here
believe that.
Track Name: #1 Soul Brother
Soul brother number one,uh
Kick back the track, do it like no other
Momma shake that thang
To an old move, new move
Do that thang.
Soul brother number one,uh
Kick back the track, do it like no other, yeh
Now pump ya fist
To an old move, new move
This is it.

Yo, I’m on the old-old, you on the new-new
Hit you off with something not accustomed to,
Rock with a swing that I bring to the show
Everytime when I radiate, the microphone glow
Oh, keep the spotlight, I make it rock right
MJ, fade away – even on an off night.
From the gutter,
Watch the way I shut it..down, underground? Nah, let’s get above that
I represent with a element that’s half-man, half-amazin, so intelligent.
Since 83 (right), be the emcee tight
No skinny jeans with a lean and breathe hype.
Cut it up slick, I got the ruling pen, chef with the skills
Every word chopped julienne
And never sleep cause we never heard of rest
Delivered in a style that be “oh, so fresh”

Bridge (mumbled):
Hold up, wait a minute…give it room to breathe, if it’s hot then just let it be
Bout to pick it back up, and do it with ease, let the others know who I be, ya see


Rock to the rhythm of ya own damn drum
Can’t find it in you, can’t find it in none

I’m on the old-old, you on the new-new
Hit you off with something not accustomed to.
Ever smooth on the butter soft leather tip
True veteran, the kid speak it so eloquent.
I need the fat bass, feel it on the one
Hear the heartbeat, feel it on the drums
So fly, I’m about to take orbit
only touchdown when performing
but wait..
give a brother space, back it up a little
give the drummer some, killing on an instrumental
never off, on the ‘no pop/no fizzle’
all raw/no flaw – bouncing like I’m temperamental.
And if you need it now, I precede a sound
Off top, I suggest to keep moving
As long as the emcee never heard of rest
Delivered in a style that be ‘oh, so fresh’
Track Name: Feel Like Doing Wrong
I woke up early morning
And I felt like doin wrong
Hey hey hey…
And I don’t care what the people say
But I feel like doing wrong
Hey hey hey…

Feet in the mud, face to the pain
Stand in the shadows, walk through the flames
Feel it in my veins pulsing on the brains
Desire keeps calling, I’m hearing out my name
I wanna tune it out, but it turns to an echo
I try to break away
for now, it won’t let go/ stay down or settle
fight it, or try to spite it
but now I’m here without a fear
the demons are invited.**
It wasn’t my moment then, they counted me out
if you don’t know me then, you will notice me now.
Wish I could talk with you, but where I’m goin
I’m never comin back
Knowing things will be the same/***
Showing no remorse in what I do
Or what I’ve done
stood for my reasons, it may not be the right one
never was the brightest, considered as a liked one
but in the face of battle, gotta fight some…

I walk a thin line
I’m-I’m losing my balance
Valid, I grew up with less
Confess, my anger I couldn’t manage.
Trapped in a world where nobody relates/ to me, my skin, my face
The way how I feel?
I embrace it all with hate*
Is this how it’s gonna be?
letting it under me
I could use company,
To help me in a time to console
Never felt so alone until now
And it’s old.**
And I know I can’t please everybody
Or your expectations
Had to do something
to change my current situation.
My limits tested
My time I’ve invested on being nice didn’t work
Resort to dirty methods.***
And if you don’t understand
What we go through as men
Just to get through the day
then you’d know where it stems
far from the roses and nothing to lose
so forgive me for what I’m about to do

Na, na, na, na
Can ya hear me?
Track Name: Radio Raheem
I don’t know about doin the right thing
All I know - keep it loud like Radio Raheem

They told me to shut up, stay within your box
I told them that I would, but it’s something that I’m not
They tried to hold me back, but I’m kickin down the doors
& if they got the sky, then I’m smashin up the floors
They said to keep seated, but I’m throwin back the chair
If they steal me of my words, then I’m taking out the air.
They beat me to the ground; ask me if I had enough
I said, “I’ll think about it”, then I got back up*
Ain’t no time to bicker, finger is on the trigger
Figure no time like the day you’re living is delivered
To the end, it’s bitter, Patience can be a killer
Take it to court, it’s something that forever be acquitted
Forfeited my riches, in exchange I give this word of advice
Word to life,
only break the bridges, when they try to pigeonhole you, like a prison
hold you down to the ground,
just listen.

To the death,
Admitted crazy when I’m spitting,
now taken position for what I didn’t
So when the music hits you
And you feel no pain
I just want you to be bout it, and feel no shame*
Make the loss your gain,
Shouted out when confronted
I’m speakin from a place, where we stood up for something.
Where the bass be bumpin, while they want it too low,
and want us to say yes, but in fact I say no. **
all I got is one song I keep it on repeat
it could be for myself, better yet for many legions
where I’m from , not many make it out to succeeding
so I beat it out with reason, every rhyme – got a meaning
with my heart up on a sleeve, pourin out and bleeding
one hand – it say love, next hand – peace
and for everything believed, believe half of what you seeing
till they kill my song,
until that – I ain’t leaving…
Track Name: Not Afraid To Die
Standing by the front lines
World in my hands
And nothing to fear...but fear itself
I'm going to the edge and back,
No time to be slow
Only got now to be
Givin up? I say no!
On your feet, let's go
Peddle to the medal and
never be settling
If time runs out? Still push
Gonna break the wall down, now break the ceiling
Skies the limit, all you gotta do is look!
Up to the highest
Bring that fire out yourself one time
And let it burn
Ignite up the night,
Tell every sight that these words I say,
Will stand firm
Courts adjourned.

I looked the devil in the eyes and said
"I'm not afraid to die tonite"
For something I believe in, even if It be wrong or right
Yeh, won't catch me sleepin
Gonna give it my all to fight
So, go and tell the people
If there's a world to save
I'm not afraid to die tonite.

Its that fire
Let's get higher
Take It to the wire
I said c'mon!

Just live the way you're meant to be
See, this one life be your symphony
Compose every note so endlessly
At the end of this
Leave with your head up high
Take it in every step
Take it in every breath
Bigger than who you are
Bigger than life itself
Represent yourself,
You, and no one else
Can only be who you are
And if this world gon' make us, break us
Take us to our limit?
It won't make us fall down.
Rise up to the cause, wise up!
And be what the world needs,
Never be a minor.
Find a possible out the impossible
To a blind man,
You gotta be the third optical
And just when you think that its safe?
We're just getting warmed up
This is what I say...

I looked the devil in the eyes and said
"I'm not afraid to die tonite"
For something I believe in, even if It be wrong or right
Yeh, won't catch me sleepin
Gonna give it my all to fight
So, go and tell the people
If there's a world to save
I'm not afraid to die tonite.
Track Name: Ownership
Seize the day, Seize the day
Cause this one moment now,
may up and fly away.
got one life to live,
Tell me, what ya gonna say
Ain’t no better time like today.

I rather own myself,
than to be owned by somebody else
the new Malcolm-Martin, starting a revolution
far from televised,
keep my eyes on how I’ll make improvement*
doing what I’m meant to do, and stay fluent
that made you look like ‘they shooting’ and raise deuces
I came silent without a team, and made a choice
Breaking barriers, using sound, and making noises**
Could either work for someone else’s dreams
Or take lead, to make cream by my own means
What I’m fighting for, is bigger than a widescreen
Hard to be humble,
when you’re vying just to get seen.***
I’m from a land where some kill, and some take it
When 99 percent want it, but we’ll never make it.
Easier said than done, instead I prefer to rep’ for myself
And on my word, this is all I heard….

From the bottom, used to settle on the hand me downs
Took what I could, and I never would stand my ground
Feelin dissatisfied over jobs, and rarely sober
Livin check to check,
with no thanks, and even lower/* than before
a long time coming
slower/ than the rest of the pack
but fast, taking over.
So when it’s time to march, boots already laced
One step away, meeting my fate anyday.**
You can either relate, or choose to act hesitant
Be aware, Or scared and not participate
Outside looking in, Or owner of the property
Being controlled, Or controlling what you gotta be.***
Just wanna be alive,
Long enough to see my child/ know that I did it without a compromise.
I could’ve backed down
But instead I’m coming back
And hitting harder
for my next plan of attack.
Track Name: Madison Square Garden (Grand Closing)
Turn my music up high,
Now get cha hands up real high.

Having dreams rocking Madison Square
Stadium packed – 30,000 hands up in the air
Like they don’t care,
Saying “if you make it here, you can make it anywhere”
So I’ll take it right there.
And I’ll do it from a place where the history’s a pity
‘stead of shutting down the street
We’ll be shutting down the city
No Frank Sinatra at the opera
brought a symphony
the horns take a stab,
as I blow the track to smithereens*
Pardon me,
But we’ve been left out in the cold
Trying to carve a little piece in a world not our own
Now I’m starting up a plan, to build a planet in a day
‘stead of standing in the centre
I’ll be setting up the stage/ only to be engulfed in flames
No breaks or timeouts
my back was against the wall,
only then, I blackout onto a packed house cheering
hear it in the sky
when I take it on a plane
as I say, yeh, get cha hands high.

Made it ma,
Tell the world, if they hear me tho’
All I wanted was my dreams lived through a stereo
Never need a mansion
Just a standing room, sold out
Without sellin out
And my legacy told out*
Taken back to days
When I was a teen
While my friends were out wildin’
I was writing sixteens/
As my momma saw the drama
And I got in troubled states
saw my lyrics, got concerned
never as a saving grace**
The first time I got up on the microphone
Such a righteous tone
Trying to sound like the next
And incite their flows
I let my voice speak,
Perfect plan was to attack
But the matter of fact is,
realized that i was wack***
So I took a little time,
As I listen to my peers
Kept reminding me to grind
This might take a couple years
Now I look up at the crowd
After all the paid debt
I give thanks
As I leave with your respect