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"..royceBIRTH is a solid producer. His beats are soulful and musical, and he gets some nice drum sounds. He seasons his beats with dashes of piano and acoustic guitars to create beats that are as soothing and uplifting as the lyrics royceBIRTH is putting across. The record sounds nice from start to finish."
- Patrick Taylor - (6/10)

"And by adeptly embracing such a wide thematic range in coherent form, royceBirth’s opus becomes what it’s about–a Rebirth."
- Hector De La Rosa - (89/100)

Juno-nominated producer, royceBIRTH, has been known on the scene for many years, that has provided soundscapes epitomizing early 90s' flavour that Toronto had to offer.

Now stepping out of the shadows, royceBIRTH is setting the stage as a lyricist starting in 2011 with his debut, "theREBIRTH" (Top 10 album on Earshot! College Radio Charts - Guelph). The album provided a positive stance on hip-hop similar to Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On", or Stevie Wonders' "Innervision". The album continues gaining worldwide acclaim due to the single "When The Music Stops".



released November 24, 2011



all rights reserved


royceBIRTH Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Ankh (Yesterday)
Yesterday was the past,
No longer holding onto the age of yesterday
When I only see today.
From the words that I say, And the actions that I take
to the moves that I make, even if I make mistakes.
Going to levitate the dead, and speak in new directions
Beyond talking to the mass…
I’m talking to myself.
For yesterday is gone, and the past is a memory
I’m looking for my genesis, and exodus clearly seen secondary
All means necessary
Get a hold of the moment
There’s no need to fear of it.
To look on the other side, and breathe a new sound
Say goodbye to every doubt that ever kept me down.
At the time, I couldn’t swim
But fight the current now
Like my arms never heard of the sense of being drowned.
So when the time calls
Things happen for a reason
I’m a keep my head raised
Not dream, I’m a be it!
Take myself out the struggle, and act a little stronger
Dedicated to the fullest, and push a little harder.
Disregard all regrets
Left depression to the side
For a day, my hardest change will be my biggest stride.
To break every obstacle,
Times I felt stuck
If I’m dead to the world?
I’mma wake myself up.
For this, my manifesto
The epitaph left
Yesterday, I never walked,
Today, I take my first steps.
Track Name: Good Morning (Morning Glory)
(first verse)
Eyes on the prize
Man, woman, child – its time yall rise
Look up.
Keep your head to the skies,
It all sounds simple, but stay in bad times
I’m through with the cries and the lies
Eyes, tired of the sight of getting by.
Try? I rather face death, and defy the odds
Than try all my life, left with nothing at all

Hey yo,
Full time in the hustle,
Feet creep, knee deep
Concrete jungle
Decreased sleep, can’t retreat
More roads to solve
I want to get up for the cause
Revolve myself around good folks, new times, move on.
To the non-believers, one day I’m going to prove them wrong.
Change the way I’m living. Don’t care what you think
I stand on my own, not afraid. Time to live (to get my morning glory)
The words can’t escape me, behind my minds a prison
Rejecting my voice, fearing people won’t listen.
Envision city riots, a fire you can’t quiet
A lion who can’t swim, while the tides still climbing.
A baby’s first steps, first words, first breath
Last move, last drink before the end spells death.
A story untold, scroll far from written
With pens, speak like a fallen star has risen.
And all I want to do is shine enough, to be a constellation
Even if it means not shedding light.
Written like it’s on the wall, Searching for the new spoken
Something with a meaning…while yall can still hold it
Any questions? If you hear it, it’s from the spirit
No glamour or the glitz, just my heart projected
The voices in my head got a hold
So I say to the world
What’cha gonna do to wake the new day?

Got the heart pumping, got the beat thumpin
Slave to the rhythm, now we’re gonna walk
Walk down the we’re gonna go
Go? We’re gonna see..see the morning glory
Getting over..yes, I’m getting over
Yes, I’m getting over..yes, I’m getting over
(what what what) is anybody listening?
Yes, I’m getting over…yes, I’m getting over
Morning glory.

(Second Verse)
You see,
They thought that I was gone, defeated, deleted, out of my league
And retreated. BUT..i keep myself breathing..moving forth.
Not a leader,
Rather be in the crowd, looking north
Rather bring you along for the ride, if you’re lost.
Yesterday was filled with sorrow
And living in the bitter end.
Today, got a new life.
Better than it’s ever been.
Be your own voice, inspiration when you get up
Be dedicated, if you really feel fed up.
I’ve been through the fire
Fallen to my weakness, faced adversity
Till I felt it breathing.
Tired of the negatives
Doing something I never did
Running for my dreams
If it means to be strong.
At the end of desparation, got back on my feet
Stopped sleeping on a beauty
I grew to never see.
Not staying at the bottom
Or keeping underrated,
Got a new manifesto
Listen when I say it…I’m getting over.


(Third Verse)
One time for the moment
Stand up strong like a buffalo soldier
Speak for the lower common denominator. By hook or crook.
Don’t know?
Let me show you the way,
It’s more than a lifestyle; I’m talking about a new day.
To re-arrange the mind on what we do and say.
It’s never too late
If you want it that bad,
No time to be lazy
Get up make a stance (c’mon!)
No excuse, or reason, Sleeping, on your destiny or leaving.
Please, just put up your fists one time
Wipe the dirt off, and get up on your grind.
No matter where you come from
Never mind what’s missin
Whether broke, choked, or tired of the giving.
Stomp to the sound, And never bow out
The code for yall to live by
And now, ring it loud
I’m getting over.

Track Name: Brand New
I wanna wake up with a brand new feeling,
Something I ain’t never been…Something I ain’t never seen
Until now, I’m talking to you!

(First Verse)

I wanna wake up with a feeling like this
To know that my gifts do exist.
For myself, I believe I can change,
And my work goes never in vein.
To think progressive, be the best
No question.
Forget the past negatives,
Take direction of the life that yall wanna lead
And…I confess it ain’t easy as it seems.
Be the inspiration, definition of success,
Ain’t nothing wrong with being who you are.
Show your intellect,
For the regrets
Whether in jail, blessed or you’re feeling less.
Ain’t no time to waste,
Time for a change of pace
And I suggest to get on your grind.
Gotta think like the sun in the dark – still shine
For the world to see, need it and be it.
One time


Second Verse

I wanna dedicated,
Give love when they hated
Be the voice that said, “I made it”.
Be the breath of fresh air to my people
Take a stand
Take a look in the mirror and accept who I am.
If I can’t change state of man
At least, set the footprints for the next one to follow.
And never sit,
If I want revolution tomorrow
To live my own life
And not a lifestyle borrowed.
I wanna set the unexpected
Correct my wrongs
Stay strong to get over these bridges.
To be the example,
Hands for those who can’t reach for the stars
Or feel it’s far.
I wanna be great,
Relate to many, educate
Get on my feet if the wheels stop turning.
To know my self-worth, feel better, keep learning
When tomorrow comes around
Just repeat these words again…

Track Name: Hello World (ft. Octavio Santos)
Hello world, if you got something for me,
Open up.
I’m knocking at your door,
I've got no answer.
Please tell me what I've got, open up…
Open up.
Pick up the phone, world ain’t home,
Got the answering machine
Leave a message after the beep and it will get back to you
Because it's asleep.
But I’m impatient, I can’t wait
Let me know, what I need (Please)
I can’t proceed. (Hey)

I’ve had my lows and I’ve had my highs
And fallen to the things that’s happened (ha!)
That makes me want to give up in the way living
Like something gots to give, and I can’t win. (Ha!)
To feeling underrated
Can’t wait to say I made it,
It’s better, now than late
(And I-I-I) gotta let go
feeling it now
to get up, to get out, to get in,
and sing it now.


For times be a wasting,
Shake off the problems of the day that you’re facing,
Back against the wall situation got you chasing never-ending stars
Destiny still awaiting
What good’s awaiting, if nothing is being made of it?
Fell into some pride,
Too stubborn, it’s no lie
What takes to be serious? There you gotta try and do your best
Come back, never the less
Re-up, re-group, re-set, and then just say. Refresh.
Not looking for the now, but looking next
To dust off the worries that hold you back (yes)
What to do, when in doubt and treated so wrong
And the road that you face, it seems so long.
And I say, to fight back – it ain’t easy
To fight slack? Then maybe double up
My people, it’s like that
To make them all see, we’re gonna knock the doors down
And make them all listen once more,
Make it known now.


Now stand up on your twos, now baby, pay your dues
No matter what you’re going through yall (it’s alright)
If you’re living in hell, no woman, no cry,
Look up and dry your eyes cause (it’s alright)
When the world got you down
Keep pushing for more til the sky falls yall (it’s alright)
Cause tonite we going high, with no plans to die
Bring it back and testify cause (it’s alright)
That’s right.

Track Name: For You
I try to do my best
But sometimes, it ain’t enough.
Been so many places within my head
Seen so many faces…yet I’m by myself
And through it all, I walk on
To live a happy day before it’s gone
And what you think of me….i hope it’s good
And that the love is there, never misunderstood
Made a lot of rhymes, never completed songs
Done a lot of walking, far from moving on.
Said some things to inspire, some I wish I regret
Sometimes I let you down, and lost your respect
Had some dark moments, reached a million eyes
No matter love there…I hoped you realize
That when the time comes, and the curtains fall
This call will let you know,
That I made this song for you

I’ve been so many places in my life and time
(So we take this little time to let you know what’s goin on, in the mind. One time, one time)
I’ve been so many places in my life and time
(To let you know, what and who I’m writing to)
that I’m singing this song to you.

For all the times that I’ve hurt you deep
That it won’t change what you think of me
I’ve walked a fine line
Lived within the moment,
So many times in despair, but I’m still hopeful.
If you could only see, from within my sight
I’m just a lost soul, who wants to do right
Take it all slow, ‘cause I just wanna remember all the things that we did
Whether once or forever.
Might have given up plenty, burned a few bridges
But I always put you first, before my own feelings.
And if I can’t reach you,
Then you need to show me how, the same way I show you
Just don’t count me out.
And if you need a friend? Well, here’s my hand
If you speak your mind? I’ll give a helping ear.
Whether far or near, I’ll make it near
If you forgot, then I’ve made this song for you.


Yeh. That’s all..anytime you feel worried about something.
You know I got your back. I know you got some struggles..trying to fight your way out. In due time just remember that (I’m singing this song to you)

Want you to strive on, to fight another day
And if you feel out of place, hear the words said
And in due time, you know I got your back,
To smile thru the hardships, and get you back on track.
I don’t say I’m perfect, or got the right solutions
Every time, just know I’m there every movement.
No matter win/lose, pain, heartaches
Give or take
Just know that I made this song for you.

Track Name: Sing A Simple Song (ft. Helen Cortez)
They say sing a simple song
To make the wrong right, to make the babies strong.
In the light of war, asking what’s going on?
I’m singing out my song to take the pain away.
Something for redemption like Bob Marley said
Something for new times, to make the world change
Something to fight for
Even if one person is hearing, or nobody is caring
Just sing it for the cause.
Till the tide run dry
Soon the new day, it’ll come in due time
Don’t be afraid.
Just push for a freedom of believing who you want to be
And not what the world feeds you.
Written on the paper, I speak it for the masses
And hope it reach it people, no matter what the class is
Color or the status,
In everything you reach
Even if your voice gets weak…sing a simple song.

I look at you, and I know you got something to say
But, you up and turn around
And then you walk away.
So tell me babe,
Why you’re afraid to speak your mind? (yeah)
The cat won’t be catching it’s tongue
Now’s the time

They say,
Sing a song simple.
Nothing too advanced for the mental, that won’t push the pencil
That won’t make you think twice, back on the principle
That won’t make you blink away from the one-dimensional.
Simple words spoke ain’t got a hesitation
But we don’t think how it affects generations.
What will be the soundtrack if nothing’s playing?
To speak free, but can’t hear enough inspiration.
We can send off men on a rocketship
But can’t tend to our own,
So we long for this simple song.
Even if it lacks common sense, soul, or no heart in it
Tell me what you got from it?
That’s where simple songs help those who feel alone
Resurrect the day gone
Make you find your way home.
Take back the day owned
In your own way,
In words, so many things to say
Sing a simple song.

Track Name: Hope (Act I)
First we stand,
Then we walk
Then we run to a place
In this place
We call hope
Is all you have
To keep your faith in yourself.
You, go astray?
Choose your heart
To find the way
All I know
Where we go
Only hope
Will wake the day.
Track Name: Soul Clap
Everybody rock on
Clap to the beat, if you’re free
From the words that I speak,
Testify, let it be.
Feel good if you want,
Make a move if you please
Let your mind there float
Put your stress at ease.
If you ever felt down, we’re gonna get you back up
Don’t worry about a thing or where you’re coming from.
Feel the highs and the lows
Not what you’re confined to
We’re trying to make something for y’all to groove your spine to.
Something to remind you, when we’re in sight
If times turn tough
You’re gonna be alright.
Just move on up, along with a two-step
Don’t matter who you are
Don’t settle for less.
Ain’t no time to waste
Everybody see it brighter
That we won’t stop, can’t stop until we retire
And if you need that reload again, with the clap
From the boom to the bap, then bring it on back.

Lets get up, lets get down
One time for all my people; get down.
And if you don’t know how to, still get down
We’re gonna move up, with the bounce and get down
Raise your hands high, in the sky
Now get down.
Do it one time, for the mind, now get down
Never let it die, let’s rise. Now get down
Keep your head high, lets shine,
now get down
But first,
Soul Clap with em’

Soul clap with em
If you feel the day needs a change
And you want to seize the day
And stop being a slave.
When the stakes are rising, so high to climb it
So blinding (get up, get up)
When the problems’ hardly being solved
And tomorrow’s around the way
Yet, the past keeps revolving.
Got you feeling like the underdog
Keep walking,
Take your own lead, proceed
Ain’t no fault in it.
‘Cause I know them shortfalls are in the longrun
like a hook, before the song’s done.
Dance to your own drum,
Never lose pace, and whatever comes your way,
Just take it in grace
Whether a wallflower or doing the running man
And living, just to get by
Doing what you can.
We gon’ make y’all feel that
To the break of dawn, and all night long
So strong,
Then break for the moment.
‘Cause we’re living in times that be killing us
without a remedy for giving up.
Live it up, to all my peoples
Get down
What we have here, is a brand new sound.
Dance to it, sing to it
Put a little swing in it
Kick it reminiscent
Just have a good time
But if you done feel that it’s hard to find
One time, for the soul and mind
Then I say y’all.

Track Name: Purpose
Are you living with a purpose?
To find your time well spent, or feel that it’s worthless?
Looking for your dream in between school and working
Waiting for your spaceship
To be a star searching.
God got a plan,
We don’t see until we listen
When hope turns blind,
Find your prayer as your vision
Stand for your position.
‘Cause ain’t nothing easy, and ain’t nothing perfect
But to fight for what you believe in
That’s a purpose.
So many roads cross that lead in other places
And if you ever felt trapped
Believe you can make it.
If you feel the world don’t care
Be the difference
Instead of thinking it’s too late
Think it limit less
Find it in your love; (and) find it in your talent
Find it in yourself, ‘cause you already have it
Find it in your lowest point, laughter or sadness
‘Cause that’s when you find your purpose
no strings attached.

You can walk a thousand miles, in the rain or the snow
Be destined for greatness, with nowhere to go
If it’s meant to be, then cleverly, in time it’ll show
Just know that wherever you go
it’s all for a purpose

Sometimes it ain’t clear as broad day
Or one way
But always, time is by your side (by your side)
At times,
It’ll hurt your pride, take your smile, take your stride
Know inside that everyday,
living is your prime.
And when things fall apart
Test your heart
Leave you in the dark
That the end, is just a new start to leave your indent mark
Even though your peers might reject it
So many years go by
And makes you regret it.
But dedication; hard work – wear it on your shirt
Like your heart on your sleeve
Through the grief and the hurt
Disbelief and the dirt
‘Cause so many wake in heartache and “could’ve been”
They can’t shake what didn’t work
Find it in your words, the worst, the most high
Find it in your children
Please let it shine.
It’s more than getting by, getting high, getting over
And if you think it’s far
Just look over your shoulder.

Track Name: Love pg.2
I want to wake in the name of you,
Through the pain and the joy, just relate with you.
To find time, and refine every step we make
Do the best that I can, though I make mistakes
Just to hold you for a minute, or a second chance
I stumble on your toes, every time that we have a dance.
I’m lost in your ways
Looking for the right words, it tends to be never exchanged.
So I search the perfect definition,
My all, I hope I’m giving
Even when I’m giving up, or when I seem pessimistic
Being in love, it’s so hard to stay together
And as the years go by
You know me better than, I know myself.
We can maintain forever
No need for infidelity
I’m here, worse or better.
And take you, as you are
By the way we embrace
And let you know we gotta keep it in faith
Keep it in faith

When I look at you, I don’t see me and them
(I just see me and you)
Now if it’s meant to be, you can have it all for free
(I just see me and you)
You can love me all you want, I’ll love you back the same
(I just see me and you)
Cause it’s just for you (you)
And it’s just for you(you)
Cause it’s just for you (you)
Just me and you.

You’re like a fine wine to a day going fast
Sometimes, slow it down
Knowing that it won’t last.
You’re like a new day to yesterday’s troubles
The pieces of my life
I never thought fit the puzzle.
Put your feet in my shoes, and understand the conflicts
Within myself, and get our goals accomplished
And when you walk away, I want you where my arm is
Hand in hand, we disband
I place you where my heart lives.
Some say we’re soul mates
I say, “Lets work at it”
‘Cause a love not tended, is taken for granted.
Hard to understand it
I know I put you through the many times that put trust in many clues.
But lets return to that love
Now bring it back
And make it better than it’s ever been
Not the past.
I’m talking about the real deal, sealed with a kiss
A newfound love
We can speak it like this.


It’s important we communicate every feeling for each other
Before we close off fate.
Day to day
Try my best to keep it ever close
Let you know the little things can accumulate the most.
Let you know what I think of you
And no ones removing you off your pedestal
Re-instill that you’re beautiful.
Something ain’t said enough, and never put to less
When I meet you next time love
I’ll tell you all the rest
But for now….
Track Name: When The Music Stops
(When the music stops) I wonder if they hear what I say, and if it will play 30 years from today
(When the music stops) will we know where to go, in our time, before the time is up, with nothing to say?
(When the music stops) if it goes, and it goes, how will you express the stress of the world weighing on your heart?
but only time will tell. Only time will tell
but for now, just float.

I used to have a vision about a rhythmic scheme
Singing equivalent to lyrics of “I Have A Dream”
At levels of echoes
My voice would never settled like tensions in ghettos
As sour as amaretto.
The records used to play
Engraving what I thought and resurrect the feeling
Stronger than how it’s born
Times have changed
Looking for all the words to say is so hard to maintain


Imagine how it’d be if it was all for the love?
If the soul of Frankie lymon wasn’t took from drugs.
Before radio play and getting greedy
The music used to be the soundtrack to speak easies
Cigar mist filling the lounge
I’m feeling it now so sweet
Though before the mysticism is real people.
We’re talking past days being a slave
But the chant kept up together somehow, someway.
This love/hate fate got me fighting the pen
Like hurricane carter locked down, inside of the bing
So, maybe you hear why the jailbird sings
Cause the songs gave him something the system never brings

Instrumental to the concrete jungle hustle
Started from the roots and planted in the struggle
The reason why you embrace the song, no question
But the reason why you question your reflection.


I used to have a vision about a rhythmic scheme
Singing equivalent to lyrics of “I Have A Dream”
At levels of echoes
My voice would never settled like tensions in ghettos
As sour as amaretto.
The records used to play
Engraving what I thought and resurrect the feeling
Stronger than how it’s born
Times have changed
Looking for all the words to say is so hard to maintain
(Peep game...)
I think back on greats, out my crates like Dorothy Ashby
Who never got their respect, instead outcast
Look back on record sales
Sam Cooke to Strange Fruit
Truth in the song
And the wrong that it came to.
Add up all the plaques and the wax disappearing
The only thing left are the people who are hearing
But now the thrill is gone
So, the song we sing along is now mute
We ask, “for how long?”
When the music stops.
Track Name: Becoming Myself (Tomorrow)
So many things to speak upon
Lets start with life ain’t so bad
To ask for the change you want
It only takes a second
Just try without boundaries
Lose yourself in the cause
Just live a little
Just give a little
On a trip;
to becoming yourself.
And accept who you are,
Without a limit involved,
And anything you wanna do
It don’t consider age
Love the face that you see daily
And get doubts out the way
Can we finally start living?
On a journey;
To becoming yourself.

I used to wonder what you think of me
Until I became me
Becoming myself
I’m nobody no more.
No more,
Because I’m worth more than that.

Maybe I’m through with the rough
And I think I had enough of this broken record played
I wanna hear a new song
I’mma carry this smile forever and a day
And you ain’t gotta be afraid
If time don’t come today
Just keep walking on.
And take the first steps
‘Cause it sure won’t be the last
On a trip; becoming yourself
You gotta stumble sometimes
If you get back up
And focus where you need to be
Just look in the mirror
That’s where you’ll find yourself.