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I don’t belong in any box, unless it got a button to rewind
And let my tape rock
Put my life on the beat, and hear the pulse
Shake the world off a line that would put em at fault*
For underrating, I’m over underestimating
To the top of the world, is where I plan to take em
I think sharper like ink markers, instinct archers
Staying on minds in time like shrink doctors**
I hear doubts, and those who say they wish me well
Only to find through the lies, they wanna see me fail
Flipping the script by writing something unstoppable
All that I got left, dreaming for the impossible.
When the gun drawn, know I’mma stick to it
Put it in the air,
Make the sky lift through it.
make you nod your head
Something you can live to it
Bigger than myself
Nah, this is ‘her and his’ music.

It’s that back to the basic iller
Never that filler
Swiftly, shadowbox with god
Rocky balboa – mickey
Never shuck or no jiving
On arrival at Apollo
My creed is one punch for the win, Ivan Drago*
I go straight for the heart,
Known to reach many souls, it’s just ease with the mind
Dead for whom the bell tolls
in my shelltoes, I’m getting appraised
for the way I master jams, while rockin a ‘J’.**
lighting up joints, you better pass
in a round, you’ll never last like smoke that burn to ash
what’s heard, get turned to trash
not dope, it’s rehashed flavours on a table
and expire next day, not deserving of a label
that’s why I keep it preserved with ink of my pen
illustrated with the greatness of statues
I lend, something so def, you gotta read to comprehend it
That I own,
fully paid from many dues - never rented.

I dedicate it to those who live do or die
Forever up on their toes, doing them suicides
6 o’clock in the morn,
Forming a moving grind
Pursuing loot,
as their boot hitting a newer stride.*
I know the vibe,
When the side of the game is cold shoulders
Need a pat on the back
Instead it’s walls,
No love.
As I’m building by bricks to make a stack
and killing the field in front of me,
without looking back.**
on my king kong stance, about to shake it down
yall stand no chance, for what I’m about to do
throw ya hands up,
up, when I speak
as I occupy the world
and I take it to the streets.***
from the boulevard and aves
where I’m known to bring the funk
straight heat, volcano peaks
plus it got a thump
you ain’t even gotta worry, when the noise kicks a feedback
you want it now? I got it here
believe that.


from Caesar Is Home, released November 21, 2014
N.Williams – SOCAN/ASCAP
Produced and Mixed by royceBIRTH for Box Project Records
Recorded by Noel Matta



all rights reserved


royceBIRTH Toronto, Ontario

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