Hail Caesar (The King Must Die​!​)

from by royceBIRTH

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I’m not recording out my feelings
Rather counting off the cracks of the ceiling that I’m seeing
‘fore I bring the house down with the fuel,
And the fire,
As I’m looking at the dark
Don’t respect me for my mind,
You gon get it from the heart.*
Been sleeping too long,
Many years in a slumber in the belly of the beast
Now you’re dealing with a monster.
Thoughts of living,
Went from compositions spitted
Now I no longer write it,
Cause it’s already written.
In the form of a vision
And I turned to intuition
Not concerned about who’s in power
Or position.
I’m here to kill the king
Better yet, burn the kingdom
If you got a light – bring one,
We don’t give a damn**

Let the king die
Let the king die die
Let the king die
Let the king die
45 on my mind, and the gun is off safety
About to let off, with no direction

Back at it, I lock it down
Standing up against a mountain, chop it down.
With the weight of the world on my shoulders
Break my arm for the cause, Aron Ralston under boulders*
I change the current tide of the waters,
Soldier through this war I’m fighting like a venomous cobra
hold up,
world full of cosa nostras
when the money coming,
when it’s done, they fold up.**
that’s why I’m changing opposition
Rearranging how I think
Go derange, to make em listen.
Ain’t it strange?
How a man gotta lose his self?
Go outta frame, just to gain a picture of some wealth?***
I don’t think I will, but I might as well
But then again I won’t,
so what I learned is expelled/ from a school of old rules,
ignoring what they told you
illustrating words, and chopping up something soulful/
let it hold you,
even better – holy ghost you
food you can digest, ‘instead of junk that goes through
I’m not here,
To claim a king up on a throne
Rather build it on my own
say peace, then I’m gone,

Back at it, goddamn it
Kick out the jams
Damn, lemme take a stab at it..
Automatic, all havoc
Alright, ok,
time for some black magic
As I’m bout to take stage


all rise
All eyes look when the son’s bout to set
Devise behind doors
Overdosin over quotas of Rakim’s “Ain’t No Joke”
laughing matter?
No, brova*
take it serious,
if the various message of today will carry us to the future
or bury us.
Let the action speak louder
That’ll reach the peak of towers
That’ll make the elders prouder**
In the hour of chaos
Never will I trade off my soul
Look at what they made us, to make a pay-off
I could take a day off,
destiny for later,
why aim to be good?
when my sight’s to be greater
height of skyscrapers
take flight like aviators
broke the wings off,
Stating I ain’t here to play it safer
Fuck the powers that be
You can’t tame this,
If there’s a hell below
Then best believe I raised it
stakes are higher
pen to pad, never on the tab
trying to keep the bar raised
lifting pass the weight mass
just to keep it heavy
done brought a wrecking ball
On my quincy jones
Make a thriller
Straight up Off The Wall…



from Caesar Is Home, released November 21, 2014
Hail Caesar
N.Williams – SOCAN/ASCAP
Produced and Mixed by royceBIRTH for Box Project Records
Recorded by Noel Matta



all rights reserved


royceBIRTH Toronto, Ontario

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