John Carlos

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John Carlos

Now what you hear is not a test (and)
We’re here to bring the best, and never no less (and)
If you feel it now,
Then give it no rest (and)
Throw ya fists up in the place
John Carlos.

Black hooded up, with the brim on low
I’m the king to my castle, is the kid a rook? (No)
Stay professional, and the brother stay wise
68 john carlos, fist in the sky
Let the bass hit ya face, as I take it up a level
Word to my brother sean, make mountains outta pebbles
Cause the fake gon’ clear, and the fizz gon’ settle
And the real will appear, once I kick it on the treble*
…reload and bring it hard, supercharged
Dolo by my own, known to drill a squad
Kill at large.
Rock to my own drum still, as I fill the bars
Now ya gone feel that rhythm, plus it got “the barge”
I ain’t gone wish or wait, no delay in em
Bane with the bomb out, detonating a stadium
Elvis was a hero to most, but we deaded that
P-E, fightin the power, in my ready stance…


It’s concrete, when I hit the ground
While you start the show, I come in – shut it down
Even on vaca' (tion), I don’t play around
Slam dunk, breakin the glass – game over now
Stay sharp, and never rusted blades
Throw the sun at, any other who throw shade
Ain’t no throwback, what’s past, still go today
I ain’t the preacherman, but the choir gon’ sing away
Take it from the intro, synchronize my time
With fine wine, see I never age
Cause I blind like limelight glaring in your face
Police in the place, got their hands raised
Sound loud, shake it down
So bad, we aching now
We don’t salute no flag, son we take em down
We came here to riot
no beef, no bias
a million in the spot, and they all wanna try us.


from Caesar Is Home, released November 21, 2014
John Carlos
N.Williams – SOCAN/ASCAP
Produced and Mixed by royceBIRTH for Box Project Records
Recorded by royceBIRTH & Noel Matta



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royceBIRTH Toronto, Ontario

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