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Peep the resurrection...
god gave me a blessin, momma gave me the essence
and i gave ya the message.
hard to tame the lessons that's engraved with a weapon
that i call words,
creating the lane, and i'm wreckless.
it ain't what you expected,
shame that you neglected the mvp of the game
who sat by the benches.
i could feel the the tension - the devil with the reverend,
to revered in my class, surpassing the question.
For the blue collar, leaders that never follow
from the same vein that bleed the likes of Bambatta.
Hear me if you holler
Never for souls hollow
You wanna take it back?
While i had it in my arm hold since a day old,
carry the weight load of what the game made
in exchange made the game fold
See, what the fame knows, it made the game cold
holding magazines, not a game pro
they know!


Straight from a city, I rise above love, fear, hatred
things i despise.
Allure to the fakeness - yellow #5
I'm sure they don't hear it, but still i gotta try.
The devil keep winnin, but i won't compromise
Instead alleviate, deviate from the lies
Appreciate the living, represent those who died
We pour the liquor out before we conquer and divide.
Defined so divine, crush the grapes for the wine
It tastes so vivid when we couldn't get a dime
Good things take time
But when it's unstable, "By all means, just to get food on the table", becomes life label.
As i frame it on the picture,
I manifest a blueprint for those who wanna give up
Get up, to this rebel music on supreme
For all my revolutionary people here's the theme.


from Caesar Is Home, released November 21, 2014
N.Williams – SOCAN/ASCAP
Produced by royceBIRTH for Box Project Records
Mixed by Relic at Reservoir Studios
Recorded by Noel Matta & royceBIRTH



all rights reserved


royceBIRTH Toronto, Ontario

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