Radio Raheem

from by royceBIRTH

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I don’t know about doin the right thing
All I know - keep it loud like Radio Raheem

They told me to shut up, stay within your box
I told them that I would, but it’s something that I’m not
They tried to hold me back, but I’m kickin down the doors
& if they got the sky, then I’m smashin up the floors
They said to keep seated, but I’m throwin back the chair
If they steal me of my words, then I’m taking out the air.
They beat me to the ground; ask me if I had enough
I said, “I’ll think about it”, then I got back up*
Ain’t no time to bicker, finger is on the trigger
Figure no time like the day you’re living is delivered
To the end, it’s bitter, Patience can be a killer
Take it to court, it’s something that forever be acquitted
Forfeited my riches, in exchange I give this word of advice
Word to life,
only break the bridges, when they try to pigeonhole you, like a prison
hold you down to the ground,
just listen.

To the death,
Admitted crazy when I’m spitting,
now taken position for what I didn’t
So when the music hits you
And you feel no pain
I just want you to be bout it, and feel no shame*
Make the loss your gain,
Shouted out when confronted
I’m speakin from a place, where we stood up for something.
Where the bass be bumpin, while they want it too low,
and want us to say yes, but in fact I say no. **
all I got is one song I keep it on repeat
it could be for myself, better yet for many legions
where I’m from , not many make it out to succeeding
so I beat it out with reason, every rhyme – got a meaning
with my heart up on a sleeve, pourin out and bleeding
one hand – it say love, next hand – peace
and for everything believed, believe half of what you seeing
till they kill my song,
until that – I ain’t leaving…


from Caesar Is Home, released November 21, 2014
Radio Raheem
Produced and Mixed by royceBIRTH for Box Project Records
Recorded by Noel Matta & royceBIRTH



all rights reserved


royceBIRTH Toronto, Ontario

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