The Shining (ft. Relic)

from by royceBIRTH



Reflection so deep that it broke the mirror
In a court playing trial to those making error
Words 'vile', I might prescribe it overcounter measure
Before i pray, I prey on those as my daily breakfast
Readers digest it, worth the time vested
When i'm on strike, opposition can't protest it
Just rely on your necklace as common sentence
But you'll never shine to those with common senses
I'll paragraph what you can't separate in metrics
My name hold weight, rarely speak empty threats
Some call it trill, you might say the flyest
But where i'm from, we call that shit an uprising
Judge wise, but never play the fool
Just wanna be the greatest using these given tools
So when the music stops
It goes beyond bias
Fuck the norm, the format i seek is highest
What i project is complex like public housing
to motivate the young, to those known to bubble ounces
When i double up, I'll make it seem like a triple
Even a little turn the tide, make effects ripple
It's the new rebellion, the truth up in the building
on the corners illin, we're overdue prevailing
I'll let the music talk, top roof the ceiling
It takes more than just skills to reach top billin.

Let it shine, let it shine
In due time, make the world mine with the rhyme

What i document eerie, you won't find in a series
classified legendary and never as secondary
you wanna try? Dare me
Testify? I will jury
Say goodbye to the bull cause that shit i will bury.
When i zone out, speakerphones get blown out
Rage against the machine that seemed to go the drone route
I throw stones and cast em at clones
doubt it'll last a year, a clout
I sat sedated, meditated, building my mental
display a worth of a temple using my pencil
the best scribes are the ones that goes beyond lives
civilize times, revitalize the soul and mind
I'm not trying to be Big or Pac
Be infinite from the minute that the music drops
and live with respect, earned from a view of lots
far from hollywood,
but still yo, i got the props.
Now connect the dots, turn around the tables
stand for the truth, walk if they're telling fables.
Still major, no matter how they want us labelled
parallel from the way that they want to shape you
Every line of mine got dubbed fresh
and rock many layers, don't matter the subtext
i leave the spot blazed from the mic i'm embracing
and plan to leave with standing ovation
I'm sayin...


from Caesar Is Home, released November 21, 2014
The Shining (ft. Relic)
N.Williams – M.Morley – SOCAN/ASCAP
Produced by royceBIRTH for Box Project Records
Recorded by Noel Matta, royceBIRTH and Relic
Mixed by Relic at Reservoir Studios
Additional Vocals by Relic
Relic appears courtesy of Gamma Delta Productions



all rights reserved


royceBIRTH Toronto, Ontario

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