Welcome Home

from by royceBIRTH

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We Didn’t Come To Lose

We didn’t come here to lose..say it with me yall
(We didn’t come here to lose)

And it goes…

In a time to act, I broke the fourth wall
Yelling at the top of my lungs
system is about to fall.
Skip the basic, I’ve erased it
And replaced it with an over proof
Straight without a chaser*
As my Uzi weighs a ton
I just let my mind spray
No need for a gun
If you want a quick fix, you won’t find it from me
Some in it for a minute, but forever I be.**
This ain’t a sit in
It’s a get in – in where you fit in
Make ya wanna stomp
No need for petition.
The music’s real, from the hood to the stadiums
I know it, cause it rarely spells regular rotation***
And make the heart skip a beat,
Break the arm of any DJ, who dare not play it forewarned.
critics gon’ speak, and the critics gon’ breach
but it’s not my concern, cause it’s not within their reach.

Shoulda known that I was comin in
Do it to em once, then we do it to em once again
Runnin in,
Funky drummer about to hit the drum again
Punching out, punching in
On it once again...

it ain’t for you, and it ain’t for them
numb it up, dumb it down
rinse, repeat again
I ain’t no puppet on a string
waiting on a budget
no mic, I’ll grab the earbuds
and spit to get it public.*
Still taking rap for a joke?
Well, here’s an anecdote
By pumping what they need to hear now
and keep the richer broke.
I remember when the music made em scared
Now I’ll give em more reason
To start reading out their prayers**
poppa raised a bad man
And you don’t wanna start nothing in my school
Before I bring out the Joe Clark
in a club, full of nouveaus posing for their hits
Watch me burn their money down
Just to show you own none of it.***
break the padlock to the safe shit
not that po-lice state shit
that “tell you what to say” shit
it’s that rumble in the jungle
bumaye to fakeness
button on the detonator
time to activate this…


from Caesar Is Home, released November 21, 2014
Welcome Home (We Didn’t Come To Lose)
N.Williams – SOCAN/ASCAP
Produced and Mixed by royceBIRTH for Box Project Records
Recorded by Noel Matta



all rights reserved


royceBIRTH Toronto, Ontario

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